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Our Mission - Personal And Financial Growth

The Earnest Wealth Solutions brand provides personal and financial transformation through a network of professional, financial, and educational services. All together we provide you with everything you need to create a path towards Legacy Wealth that you can not outlive.

Our offers are tailored in a way that help you define your starting point and systematically develop your personal and financial path forward in a way that is logical and predictable.  This is a process and requires coaching.

Most people are narrowly motivated by wealth. Wealth is much more than having a lot of money. Wealth and abundance needs to include personal satisfaction with life and having a sense of purpose. We believe that we must grow in several areas of our life in order to align our money with our values. In our experience, we find that our financial goals and priorities change in proportion to our sense of purpose. Our priorities are forever coming into focus as we grow. Our program will provide the tools you need to always keep your money and priorities aligned with your values.

Our unique program will help you with each stage of the wealth-building process as long as you are willing to do the work.


The Earnest Wealth Solutions Suite

Wealth Builder Playbook - Essentials

  • Money Management and Cash Flow Strategy
  • Debt Reduction Strategies
  • Key Wealth Building Mindsets
  • How to Create Multiple Income Streams
  • Access to Private Wealth Builder Group
  • Access to 3rd Party Wealth Resources

Your Choice of Wealth Building Focus

Track 1 - Real Estate and Investing

Track 2 - Business Line Of Credit

Track 3 - Earnest Investor Network

EWS Suite

Track 1               Track 2              Track 3

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Provides an overview of the complete Wealth Builder Playbook Course and guidelines for selecting one of the 3 Tracks.  I include lots of free information to help you get started with how you think and act about wealth and how to make that important first step towards a better life.

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The Wealth Builder Playbook Course

The Wealth Builder Playbook - Essentials

The Wealth Builder Playbook course is written in a logical order to ensure that foundational first steps are in place from the beginning. This is the best way to ensure that nobody gets left behind and that everyone experiences progressive growth.

The lessons begin with define your starting point and what steps are needed to get to the next level.  This is different for everyone and is what makes our training unique.

The lessons transition from money management and cash flow towards investing for long term passive income based on your skills, resources and goals.

*Track 3 offers customized lessons and resources based on your personal skills, resources and goals.  This customized training is offered as part of the free coaching you will receive as you transition through each Wealth Builder Playbook training module. 

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The single most destructive aspect to wealth building is the false belief that somehow you are not eligible to be personally and financially successful.

We all want to be successful in every aspect of our lives, but, our past experiences and negativity that surrounds us prevent us from taking action.

The reality of being stuck can easily be changed with a coach who can help you change how you think and act in the 6 Key Areas of Wealth Building. 


Track 1 - Real Estate and Investing

The Wealth Builder Playbook covers three ways to make more money in your current job.  This approach builds on your current skillset and enforces the idea that we should find work that fits our desires and abilities that we can enjoy.

On the other hand,  W2 employees seldom become wealthy and most are just getting by. 42% feel that they will not have enough money to retire with the lifestyle they want and feel that they will be just getting by financially.

Part of the Earnest Wealth Solutions education includes The Earnest Investor Network which provides several supplemental Income Streams that are easy to implement.

The Earnest Investor Network will connect you with the right community that fits your interests and create long term passive income. This is income that will provide Legacy Wealth that you can not outlive.

P and B Loc

Track 2 - Business Lines of Credit

Stop Overpaying Interest To Banks

  • Propel your business to the next level.
  • Access capital to increase revenues and cash flow.
  • Protect your assets and businesses in a crunch..
  • Generate passive income and various other investments.
  • Improved lifestyle, new home, car, college, and vacations.
  • Build your nest egg using Other Peoples Money (OPM).

Learn how to acquire $250K in zero-interest lines of credit. I will show you how I use 0% interest credit to invest in short-term investments.

I will also show you how to use 0% interest to consolidate higher-interest loans in order to pay off personal debt fast.


Track 3 - Earnest Investor Network

Earnest Wealth Solutions is an education company with access to a large network of third party tools and resources, many of which are included free with the Wealth Builder Playbook Course.

We are constantly adding third party fiduciaries to provide you with everything you need to build Legacy Wealth that you can not outlive.

Track 3 is offered to qualified students only. 

This track is the primary way we tailor the education to each student based on skills, resources and goals.  Some students do not have the resources to participate in large investment opportunities. Others are ready to open a Self Directed IRA account, while others are working on some aspect of their personal development.

This track offers access to the following:

  • Discount on our Replace Your Mortgage Program.
  • Access to Private Investments.
  • Accredited Investment opportunities.
  • Tax and Legal Advisors.
  • Retirement Fiduciaries.
  • Trust Advisors, Fixed Indexed Annuities and Much More.

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