About Larry

The Creator Of Earnest Wealth Solutions

Dr. Earnest is a former aerospace professional with over 40 years of experience in major systems development. He is a recognized systems engineering leader on several military systems as well as an author and coach in the Aerospace Industry.

Larry’s investment career has grown into a large portfolio of long-term passive investments, which will fund his foundation and provide an income for his family for generations to come. This effort has been recognized by several investor groups and has grown into the Wealth Builder Playbook education program and the Earnest Investor Network, which is dedicated to helping individuals achieve the same level of success with an emphasis on charitable giving. 


Personal Note:

I believe that there is a reason for us to be here together, and I’m grateful that our paths have crossed.My mission and purpose in life are to empower those who want to become a better version of themselves and, in so doing, change the lives of people within their sphere of influence. When we make this commitment, we create change that ripples throughout the world in ways we may never see.

I understand that change is harder for some than for others. This is why I have included several resources for my clients to help them overcome limiting beliefs that hold them back. Once we embrace the concept of change and accountability, that changes everything.

So, if you are like-minded and want to get to the next level on your journey and fulfilling your life’s purpose, then I invite you to join our network.

“The value of a changed life is priceless”